In english

For creative women with painful conditions – a supportive community

First of I want to apologize for the non-perfect english. Its not my native language but I do belive you can understand the text anyway. I did not want language barriers to keep us from connecting.

To live with pain can be very destructive. It affects not only your body but your whole mood. Pain can break down the strongest person.

Creating, crafting, having a hobby is a nourishment for the soul. It is a way to escape from the pain for a while, a way to forget how much it hurts, its a way to find energy to deal with the other parts of living.

Crafting might sound requirement filled but whether you draw or zentangle doodles in a pad, create jewelry or put dots of color on a paper, it’s crafting. We have beginners and more experienced artists in our swedish group that bake, knit, doodle, women who photograph, mixed media artists – all kinds of women in all ages and categories of life.

There are no requirements on what you do, it does not have to look a certain way, there are no requirements that it must be something that can be used, we do not expect you to upload pictures of what you do several times a week. We want only one thing and that is that what ever you do it gives you joy!

Us women with pain already live with a massive requirements. Some come from the community, parts come from our families but the most from life itself. The crafting/creating should not be an additional requirement, it should be fun and make you feel good. In most groups, it can be easy to feel that maybe everyone else keeps up with so much, there are perhaps unspoken requirements/rules on how much you are expected to create and share.

For those and many more reasons, I created a group for women with pain problems. An oasis where your creation is undemanding, an oasis where the creation takes place on our terms, at our pace, and gets the attention it deserves.

We also talk about what it’s like to want to create but not always being able to, not because time does not exist, but because the pain makes us tired. A situation that does not always fit in the other groups.
We do not judge, we help each other to find ways to feel good, to find ways to create even though we live with pain.

We want to lift what women do to the level where it belongs, therefore we call it creative and not just doodling. We call all women artists.

Many creations has has for centuries come out of suffering, despite that it not all that want to ”show case” their problems therefore the group is closed, we care about your privacy.

So if you want to be part in an undemanding loving community with a focus on crafting (or creating if you feel more comfortable with that word) and feel good come visit our facebook page and contact us there and become a Creative Lady :) .

We create in order to feel good and feel good because we create <3

A warm welcome
a Creative Lady and Artist